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Your introduction to bridging loans.

A Bridging loan is usually used to provide a quick short-term finance solution to help borrow money against an asset either owned personally or via a business. Some examples of when a bridging loan may be required is via auction purchase, a development or refurb project where the asst needs work or a much-needed quick company cash injection.

At The Affinity Group we understand that bridging loans can be complex, even simple scenarios can sometimes be out of other broker’s comfort zones. Our industry expert knowledge, gathered over more than 40 years will help you find the best finance option available to you or your client. We will deliver a seamless service, working with all professional parties on your behalf, so that you and/or your clients return again and again.

Areas where we can help are amongst others:

  • Fast finance for a quick completion to meet auction terms.
  • Purchase a property that requires refurbishment, that is deemed unsuitable to mainstream lenders.
  • Complete on a property purchase before their existing property is sold.
  • Buy a property and change its use.
  • Quickly release equity from a property to help with business or personal cash flow.
  • Quickly buy an under market value property.

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